Netanyahu accuses Israeli journalist of seeking his downfall
Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at a leading Israeli investigative journalist who broadcast a report critical of the prime minister. Netanyahu says the TV journalist, Ilana Dayan, is helping lead an effort to topple his government.

Australia launches ‘free speech’ inquiry into Racial Discrimination Act
The new inquiry will look at whether sections 18C and 18D impose unreasonable restrictions on free speech. It will also examine whether the complaints-handling procedures of the Human Rights Commission should be reformed.

Why a Polish Minister just accused Facebook of censorship
Poland’s digital economy minister accused Facebook of censorship on Monday after the company suspended some users’ profiles for using a little-known far-right symbol. The row follows a wider global dispute over Facebook’s standards for removing content.

Curt Schilling applauds shirt threatening violence against journalists
A man wore a shirt threatening violence to the media at a Donald Trump rally over the weekend in Minnesota, and former All-Star pitcher Curt Schilling saw it fit to applaud the apparel in a tweet on Monday.

Why Russians watch TV news they don’t trust
In a recent survey, 88% of Russians said that TV news was one of their main sources of information. At the same time 31% of respondents said they thought they were being completely misled by the information provided.

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