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Zimbabwean activist arrested for mobilizing public
Pastor Evan Mawarire, leader of the Zimbabwean protest movement #ThisFlag, has been arrested on charges of inciting public violence. He has used social media to mobilize the public over corruption and economic woes. TIMES LIVE

Somalian journalists arrested and radio station closed in media crackdown
Somalian regional authorities arrested editors Abdishakur Abdullahi Ahmed and Abdirahman Hussein Omar Wadani, and shut down their radio station. The journalists were arrested for broadcasting interviews with people criticizing the regional Middle Shabelle administration.

Kyrgyz High Court orders retrial of Uzbek activist Askarov
The Kyrgyz Supreme Court has overturned a life sentence against activist Azimjon Askarov but ordered a retrial. Askarov was convicted in 2011 of stirring up ethnic hatred and of involvement in the killing of an ethnic Kyrgyz police officer during the unrest. RADIO FREE EUROPE

Russia names Crimean journalists, activists among terrorists and extremists
Twenty-two Crimea-born persons have been placed on the so-called lists of terrorists and extremists, published by the Russian Federation. Among the people, accused by Moscow of criminal activities, are political prisoners, journalists and civil activists. UKRAINE TODAY

Bahraini political activist released from prison
Bahraini activist Ibrahim Sharif was freed from prison on Monday after serving a yearlong sentence over comments supporting political change in the kingdom. Sharif’s release follows an intensified crackdown on civil society activists in Bahrain. ABC NEWS

Will social media protests drive Zimbabwe to build a ‘Great Firewall’?
Since April, social media has been the biggest tool for non-partisan political activism in the country. This has triggered fears that the government will move to ban social media platforms in the near future. Last Wednesday’s shutdown suggests that citizens are right to be concerned. GLOBAL VOICES ADVOX