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Colombia: Missing journalist may not be hostage of rebels
Colombia’s president said Wednesday that a Spanish journalist missing in a lawless region might not be a hostage of leftist rebels as has been widely thought in this war-weary country, but instead is reporting from inside a rebel camp. ABC NEWS

Journalist arrested in Nepal while covering protest
Police in Nepal arrested the journalist Shesh Narayan Jha on Monday while he was photographing a protester splashing paint on the walls of a government complex in Kathmandu, according to the Federation of Nepali Journalists and press reports. COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS

UK politicians respond to research on social media misogyny
Representatives from three parties will come together to call for a national campaign to defeat online misogyny as research reveals the scale of abuse aimed at women on social media. Facebook expressed its backing for the campaign but acknowledged that it does not always take down misogynistic comments. 

What happens when protests obstruct free speech
Recent incidents at DePaul and UC Irvine raise the question of what obligations a college has to make sure that protesters—while objecting to an event—can’t shut it down or block its ideas from being heard. INSIDE HIGHER ED

Peruvian journalist wins Courage in Journalism Award
Peruvian journalist Mabel Cáceres will receive the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation, which has been awarding women journalists who stand out for their “extraordinary bravery” since 1990. JOURNALISM IN THE AMERICAS

Opinion: Whistle-blower, beware
Assuring whistle-blowers’ anonymity is a core provision of federal laws protecting them. This confidentiality is considered essential to shield them from retaliation. Yet somehow, in 2007, the name of NSA official and whistleblower Thomas Drake came to the attention of the F.B.I. THE NEW YORK TIMES