Chinese citizens arrested for sharing news about the Wukan village rebellion
Four Chinese citizens were punished “in varying degrees” for spreading “fake information” about the Wukan incident, the public security bureau in Lufeng city announced. Foreign journalists were previously expelled.

Timothy Garton Ash: Safe spaces are not the only threat to free speech
When I started working on freedom of expression some years ago, I never imagined that threats to it in the university itself would become such a hot topic. But today, a great debate about this is echoing across the English-speaking world.

Tunisian former president says authorities pressuring media
Moncef Marzouki accused authorities of pressuring a local TV channel to stop the broadcast of an interview with him, calling it a case of state restrictions on media.

Indefinite Closure of Private Newspaper in South Sudan
Authorities of the National Security Service in South Sudan summoned the management of the Nation Mirror newspaper to its head office at Jebel on September 14, 2016 and ordered the paper to cease publication with immediate effect.

Joel Simon: United Nations must take action to ensure free speech for all
Around the world, freedom of expression is under siege, and journalists are being jailed in record numbers. The UN must take action.

Facebook Censors Dakota Pipeline Protest Livestream
Facebook has admitted to censoring a video posted by activists protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, blaming the removal on its automated spam filter.

Chicago Professors Fire Back
More than 150 faculty members at the University of Chicago on Tuesday published an open letter to freshmen in which they take a strikingly different approach from the official communication sent by a Chicago dean. Safe spaces and trigger warnings, the letter said, are legitimate topics for discussion and reflect the real needs of many students.

Court condemns Colombian State for murder of journalist Jaime Garzón
In a Sept. 14 judgment, the Council of the State of Colombia – the highest court that handles legal processes involving the state – found the Nation responsible for the Aug. 13, 1999, murder of journalist and humorist Jaime Garzón Forero.

Hilary Mantel warns writers they must stand by what they say
In an essay, the often controversial author says if writers want to avoid consequences from their words, they should not write at all.


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