Anti-Russia blogger stands trial in Belarus
A Belarussian court started, on Friday, a closed trial of blogger Edward Palchis, creator of a Belarussian nationalist newspaper—and known for his fierce criticism of Russia—who is accused of inciting hatred and distributing pornography in a case activists say is politically motivated.

Pakistan lifts travel ban on journalist whose scoop angered army
Cyril Almeida, a prominent Pakistani journalist who was banned from leaving the country after infuriating the army with a front page scoop about its clandestine support of jihadi groups, has been removed from the “exit control list.”

Trump vows to defend free speech on campus
Donald Trump talked about lower tuition and a dramatic student loan repayment plan Thursday at a rally in Ohio, but his loudest applause came when he promised to protect the right to free speech on campus.

Dutch Freedom Party chief to be tried for hate speech
The trial of Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders is to go ahead after judges rejected a bid by his lawyers to have the case thrown out. He is accused of inciting racial hatred after asking supporters at a rally if they would like more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

When librarians are silenced
Search the Internet for news stories about public libraries in America and chances are that, sooner or later, the phrase “on the front lines” will come up. The war that is being referred to, and that libraries have been quietly waging since the September 11 attacks, is in defense of free speech and privacy.


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