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British authorities cite ‘terrorism’ to seize BBC journalist’s laptop
Police obtained special authority from a judge citing the U.K.’s Terrorism Act to seize the laptop of Secunder Kermani, a BBC reporter known for landing interviews with Western-born jihadists. THE DAILY DOT

Chinese Authorities Free Tibetan Writer After Eight Years in Jail
Authorities have released Kalsang Sonam, a Tibetan political writer accused of ‘smuggling’ a letter of appeal for help from a fellow author Dolma Kyab, after 8 years in prison. Officials returned him secretly to his small home village in a bid to prevent friends and family from giving him a public welcome reception. RADIO FREE ASIA

International editors demand protection of press in Turkey
More than 50 leading international news editors—including Martin Baron of the Washington Post, Dean Baquet of the New York Times, and Kathleen Carroll of the Associated Press—have signed an open letter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressing concern that journalists operating in Turkey are increasingly subjected to a “climate of intimidation” in the lead up to this week’s elections. ENGLISH PEN

Ukrainian Library Director could get 5 years for holding ‘anti-Russian’ book
On Oct 29, librarian Natalya Sharina was charged with ‘inciting national enmity or hatred, and also denigrating human dignity.” Armed OMON police officers carried out searches of the Ukrainian Literature Library and Sharina’s home on Wednesday, as well as that of the Head of the Association of Ukrainians of Russia. HUMAN RIGHTS IN UKRAINE

‘Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently’ Activist Killed in Urfa
Ibrahim Abd al Qader, a member of the Syrian news collective documenting abuses committed by ISIS and Syrian authorities, was found was found “slaughtered” in a Turkish border city, the group says. NBC

UK police push for powers to access Web browsing histories for the last year
The police want to revive the Investigatory Powers Bill, the controversial plan for ISPs to store details about every website visited by customers for 12 months. ARS TECHNICA 

Fifteen Years of Impunity in the Case of Journalist Jineth Bedoya
During the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held October 17 to 28, Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima testified to the ongoing impunity for the crimes committed against her in May 2000, when she was kidnapped, tortured, and sexually assaulted in the course of her work. FUNDÁCION PARA LA LIBERTAD DE LA PRENSA

Sandra Cisneros looks back as a writer in search of home
“When you’re an immigrant writer, or an immigrant, you’re not always welcome to this country unless you’re the right immigrant,” said Cisneros. PBS NEWSHOUR