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Word from Asia: Contemporary Writing from Korea

April 30, 2011 | Asia Society | New York City

With Susan Choi, Kim Young-ha, and Bruce Fulton

Co-sponsored by Asia Society and the Korean Cultural Service

Authors attempt to crack the code to the cryptic, suspenseful world of acclaimed young South Korean novelist Kim Young-ha, author of Your Republic is Calling You, a taut political thriller that spans the course of a single day in the life of a North Korean spy suddenly called back by his handlers after decades of undercover life in South Korea. Kim is paired with another master of the 21st-century literary whodunit, Susan Choi, the award-winning novelist and author of A Person of Interest, who brings her distinctive lens to bear on the mysteries of the immigrant search for identity. Distinguished translator and editor, Bruce Fulton invites Kim and Choi to share their take on spies, cinema, and a bold new wave of Korean literature in translation.