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[WEBINAR] Using Media Literacy to Combat Election Disinformation: Librarian Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Bookshelves in library faded in the background; in front are words that read “Using Media Literacy to Combat Election Disinformation: Librarian Train-the-Trainer Workshop”

Since librarians are powerful stewards of truth and public trust, they are uniquely positioned to guide communities to accurate information and make sense of what they’re seeing online this fall. As such, PEN America is offering resources and trainings to help empower librarians to lead their own media literacy workshops in their communities this fall.

In this 60-minute interactive session, PEN America will provide resources for librarians to lead webinar-style trainings for their constituents regarding best practices in media literacy education. We’ll discuss the influx of mis/disinformation in the news and online, how certain communities are being targeted with false content, ways librarians can engage their library constituents to spot and stop the spread of disinformation during this election season, and PEN America’s Media Literacy Toolkit.

(Catch up on our past events by viewing recordings linked on our program page, Knowing the News.)

This workshop is free and designed to equip media literacy educators and librarians with the tools to offer their own media literacy workshops.

Please confirm your registration for both at the Zoom link below. For more information, contact Hannah Waltz, Media Literacy Training Coordinator, at [email protected].


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