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South Side Weekly Workshop Series: Writing for Radio

South Side Weekly Workshop Series: Writing for Radio

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PEN America is partnering with the South Side Weekly on a series of eight hands-on workshops for different journalism skills. How do the folks at WBEZ, Serial, or [insert your favorite radio program/podcast here] craft their stories? There’s a lot that goes into making an audio story, and while the tape you collect in interviews and in the field is important, the voice-over narration you write is the glue that holds it all together. In this workshop, learn the basics of audio story structure and how to write for the ear to hear. It’s way more fun than writing for print! Come and find out why!

Erisa Apantaku is the executive producer of South Side Weekly Radio. She’s produced numerous stories for the Weekly, including an hour-long documentary about the history of Robeson High School that you can listen to at robeson.southsideweekly.com.

More information on each of the eight workshops can be found here.