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South Side Weekly Workshop Series: Fundamentals of Fact-checking

South Side Weekly Workshop Series: Fundamentals of Fact-checking

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PEN America is partnering with the South Side Weekly on a series of eight hands-on workshops for different journalism skills. What is fact-checking and how do you do it? Come learn about how and why news organizations do fact-checking, how to identify the facts in a story, and what makes a good source. The workshop will be interactive—you will be guided through doing the first part of the fact-checking process. Feel free to bring a story or excerpt from a book or podcast to see how it would be fact-checked. Learning about fact-checking will also improve your reporting process and help you write well-sourced stories.

Adam Przybyl is the Weekly’s editor-in-chief. He’s been freelance fact-checking for two years for publications like VICE Magazine and the Atavist. During that time, he’s made tough calls to bank robbers, federal attorneys, police chiefs, imprisoned refugees, gun-toting anarchists, and everyone in between in the search for truth. He lives in Bridgeport.

More information on each of the eight workshops can be found here.