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Private Lives, Public Lives, Other Lives, New Lives


With Ingo Schulze & Eliot Weinberger

Free and open to the public. No reservations.

Schulze is known as a chronicler of the multiple realities of East and West Germany of the late ’80s and early ’90s and, fittingly, his forthcoming novel, Neue Leben (New Lives) is several books in one. Schulze’s Enrico Türmer is a wannabe writer, dramaturge, newspaper editor, ad-circular publisher, and budding capitalist. The story of these different lives is told through the letters of this novel, collected and annotated by a character named Ingo Schulze. Schulze’s Handy: Dreizehn Geschichten in alter Manier (Cell Phone: Thirteen Stories in the Time-honored Mode), won the 2007 Fiction Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair. His works have been translated into 27 languages. Eliot Weinberger’s most recent books are What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles and An Elemental Thing, both published by New Directions.