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[VIRTUAL] Media Engagement at the Buell Public Media Center: An Open House

Artist Rendering of Buell Public Media

In partnership with Rocky Mountain PBS and the Open Media Foundation, PEN America invites you to a virtual open house of the new Buell Public Media Center on Wednesday, December 16 at 2pm MT. The open house will focus specifically on letting citizens and neighbors know about opportunities to engage with the organizations located in the new Buell Public Media Center. During the virtual open house, tenants will have the opportunity to introduce their new home to the attendees and share concrete ways that community members can engage with them through current initiatives or ongoing projects and programs. A virtual walkthrough of the building as well will be showcased.

The open house is made possible with the support from PEN America’s Press Incentive Fund, which supports new initiatives to invigorate local communities with ideas, information, questions, and discourse around press freedom defense.

This virtual event will be hosted via Zoom. Please access the event here.