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Life in the Panopticon: Thoughts on Freedom in an Era of Pervasive Surveillance


<p>May 5, 2012 &nbsp;| Cooper Union &nbsp;| &nbsp;New York City<br />
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</b> With&nbsp;Catherine Crump, Ken Macleod,&nbsp;Julian Sanchez,&nbsp;and others</p>
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<p>Tiny surveillance drones that hover and stare. An Internet where&nbsp;every keystroke is recorded. The automated government inspection&nbsp;of hundreds of millions of e-mails for suspicious characteristics. The&nbsp;technological advancements spurred by the computing revolution&nbsp;have improved our lives, but have also diminished our privacy and&nbsp;enhanced the government&rsquo;s power to monitor us. Writers and directors&nbsp;who have grappled with technology&rsquo;s mixed blessings join civil liberties&nbsp;advocates to discuss ways of preserving our freedom in an era in&nbsp;which we all dwell in Bentham&rsquo;s Panopticon&mdash;a prison that allows our&nbsp;wardens to observe us at all times without being seen themselves.&nbsp;</p>
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<strong>Tickets:</strong>&nbsp;$15/$10 PEN Members and students with valid ID. Call (866) 811-4111 or visit ovationtix.com<br />
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Co-sponsored by&nbsp;American Civil Liberties Union and The Cooper&nbsp;Union</p>