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How to Start a Revolution (in the Library): Authors Defect from Corporate Publishing


April 27, 2011 | The Standard, New York | New York City

With Carmen Boullosa, Ben Greenman, Karen Finley, Mykola Riabchuk, Dale Peck, Amy Scholder, and Monika Zgustova; moderated by Lisa Dierbeck of Mischief + Mayhem


Co-sponsored by The Standard, New York

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Maverick writers and editors battle mainstream publishing’s single-minded quest for commercial successes, by defecting to independent presses. More than ever before, these risk-taking literary craftsmen are using the digital media to advance innovative work. Listen to gutsy authors and editors from pioneering presses, such as High Risk Books and the Mischief + Mayhem, discuss how and why they create boundary-pushing literature that invigorates old forms and challenges literary traditions.


• Deji Olukotun: In honor of a panel dedicated to the flight of authors from corporate to independent publishers, I decided to tweet during this panel instead of write a lengthy piece. [More]

• Catherine Texier: With a mock-sinister tone, the panelists accused major publishers to censor, or at the very least, to smother writers voices by simply refusing to publish them. [More]

• Lyn Miller-Lachmann: Being a rebel, a librarian, and a small press published author, I couldn’t pass up a program with the title “How to Start a Revolution (in the Library): Authors Defect from Corporate Publishing.” [More]