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[VIRTUAL] Gray Areas: Human Relations and Critical Thinking in the Era of Social Media

Carel Pedre, Herve Fanini-Lemoine, and Myrtha Wroy headshotsSocial media has changed the world. Information that used to take days or weeks to spread is now instantly available around the globe, and access to this information is just a click away. Whether it is traditional media or a personal post gone viral, information is now spreading faster than it ever has, and that information isn’t always reliable. In this panel, we examine the toll of social media on interpersonal relationships, and the influence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms at the social, political, and economic level.

Presented by the Little Haiti Book Festival in partnership with the PEN America Miami/South Florida chapter


Herve Fanini Lemoine headshotHervé “Fanini” Lemoine was born in Haiti in 1953. He’s the author of numerous Haitian best-sellers, including Face à Face autour de l’Identité Haïtienne (2009), a reference book on Haitian history and culture; Dialogues & Conversations de Facebook (2010); and Getting Social (2012). In 2008, Lemoine founded the distinguished Kiskeya Foundation that aims to clarify the theoretical confusion imposed on Haitian memory. Thanks to the organization, Lemoine has had the opportunity to give several interviews and to participate in numerous symposia on Haitian history and culture. Lemoine has given keynote addresses at Yale University, Barry University, Broward College, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.

Carel Pedre headshotCarel Pedre is a Haitian radio and TV personality, journalist, social media specialist, director, and producer. As the host of Radio One’s “Chokarella” (Creole for “Carel’s Show”), Haiti’s number one morning show, and the TV shows “Kiyès Ki Towo A” and “Digicel Stars,” Haiti’s number one talent search. Pedre has established himself as a force to be reckoned within Haiti’s entertainment industry.

Myrtha Wroy headshotMyrtha Wroy has worked on both the east and west coasts of the U.S., as well as internationally. She has worked as a private consultant, and has over 28 years of managerial experience. She holds a master’s degree in science management from St. Thomas University, and is fluent in English, French, and Haitian Creole. Her fields of expertise include, but are not limited to, business assessment, business development, compliance, contract management, project management, grant support, procurement, acquisitions, and small business assistance. Wroy holds certifications in procurement and contracts management, and FDOT Title VI compliance. She expands her diverse background by providing the best services to stakeholders. Wroy is part of multiple associations, including the National Contract Management Association (member); Miami Shores People of Color, dba, South Florida People of Color (board member and director of operations); Sosyete Koukouy (member and facilitator of events), Miami Book Fair, Little Haiti Book Festival (planning committee member), The Children’s Trust (volunteer grant reviewer), and Volunteer Match (member).

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