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Giacomo Leopardi’s Canti: A Conversation with Jonathan Galassi and Joachim Sartorius?


<p>May 1, 2011 |<strong> </strong>New York Public Library | New York&nbsp;City <br />
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With Jonathan Galassi and Joachim Sartorius; moderated by Rosanna Warren<br />
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Co-sponsored by LIVE from the New York Public Library<br />
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President of the venerable publishing house, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Jonathan Galassi goes head-to-head with the illustrious German-poet translator and artistic director of Germany&rsquo;s acclaimed Berliner Festspiele, Joachim Sartorius. The conversation addresses Leopardi&rsquo;s formidable oeuvre and its lasting affect on contemporary poetry and culture. At the heart of this event is Galassi&rsquo;s new translation of <i>Canti</i> and the question of a translator-cum-poet&rsquo;s take on how to reinvigorate a classic text in the current literary climate. Their conversation is moderated by American poet Rosanna Warren.<br />
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&bull; <strong>Antonio Romani:</strong> Questo incontro ha proposto al pubblico un Jonathan Galassi leopardiano. [More]</p>

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