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Don’t Forget Insta, LinkedIn, and Cell Phone Hygiene

When you’re cleaning up your online footprint, it’s easy to forget Instagram, LinkedIn – and your very own cell phone, even if you’re permanently attached to it. But, for many of us, those are our weakest links. To learn how to secure your Instagram and LinkedIn accounts and tighten up your cell phone hygiene, check out the two bite-sized videos below (available on Monday July 25, 2022—and join our hands-on workshop (on Thursday July 28, 2022 at 12pm ET).


Episode 7: Secure Your Insta & LinkedIn Accounts (Yep, those too)

It’s easy to forget how publicly visible your private life might be on Instagram and LinkedIn. You might not realize that a photo of your kid playing in your yard – or the CV you uploaded in college – is exposing your home address. We’ll help you clean all that up.


Episode 8: Cell Phone Hygiene (You going to call your mother with that phone?)

Long ago, in a land far away, we used to have home phones and office phones. Nowadays chances are your cell phone is the center of your professional life. And if your cell number is compromised, you’re in a pickle. We’ll talk about healthy cell phone practices, including how to mask your private cell number and how to keep your text messages from snooping eyes.