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[VIRTUAL] Documenting Home: Centering Community Narratives Through Photography

Rust Belt factory standing behind a small reflective body of water; text below: “Documenting Home: Centering Community Narratives through Photography” and logos of PEN America and BELT Magazine

Rust Belt photo by Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

Join us for this virtual conversation presented in partnership with Belt Magazine featuring three Rust Belt photographers in conversation about their work building community trust, engaging with history and the meaning of home, and using their work to imagine new futures. Hear from Jaida Grey Eagle from Twin Cities, MN; Samantha Cabrera Friend from Chicago, IL; and Rachel Elise Thomas from Detroit, MI about their work as photographers in the Rust Belt. This conversation will be hosted by Belt Magazine visual editor, Njaimeh Njie.


Belarusian protesters in background; on top: “I Support PEN Belarus” and PEN America logo

Our sister organization PEN Belarus has spent years uplifting writers and supporting the freedom to write. Now, the government is trying to shut them down. Show your support and tell them they’re not alone.