Resisting Censorship in Austin – a Community Reading of Banned Books

Resisting Censorship - A Community Reading of Banned Books

Join PEN Austin as we celebrate the right to read during Banned Book Week 2022 with a community reading of banned books.

There has been a deluge of book bans in Texas. PEN America’s Index of School Book Bans has listed 1,586 instances of individual books being banned within a nine-month period, 712 from the state of Texas alone; with many of these bans targeting books written by and for People of Color and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

For Banned Book Week 2022, PEN Austin is hosting a community reading of banned books by local leaders of free expression. Hosted at The Ballroom, in partnership with the Austin Library Foundation, this event is an opportunity to gather as proponents of free speech and celebrate the diversity of voices in Austin.



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