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Can I Laugh At That?

What a half-decade it’s been! Since 2016, we have seen two polarizing presidential elections; national reckonings around race, sex, gender, and power; an alarming spike in acts of hate and a once-in-a-century pandemic. In normal times, comedy can offer relief from pain and anxiety. But these aren’t normal times. For comedians, too, the world has changed, and their job—like so many jobs—has gotten immeasurably more difficult.

The WNET Group’s ALL ARTS and EXPLORING HATE along with UNORTHODOX and PEN America present: “Can I Laugh At That?” Four leading comedians discuss how they do their jobs in today’s world. It’s a world where a failed joke can end up on social media, dissected by millions. Where the line between an acceptable joke and one that crosses the line is blurrier than ever. Where bad news does inspire good comedy… even if we’re laughing through our tears.

Join us for an important – and funny – conversation.

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Judy Gold


Alex Edelman

actor and comedian alex edelman

Alex Edelman, standup comedian and star of Off-Broadway show, Just for Us.

Negin Farsad


Negin Farsad, social justice comedian, writer and director.

Mike Yard

comedian mike yard

Mike Yard, standup comedian and alumnus of “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”