Richard Parker
Ramsey Prison Unit
Rosharon, Texas

Monday, May 26, 2008, 5:26 p.m.

Hello World:

I decided I am going to put this booklet in the mail tonight. Since it’s a holiday weekend (Memorial Day), the mailboxes are going to be filled to capacity. By mailing this tonight I have much less chance of any officials here reading it. They’ll be too busy to be reading much, especially this wordy diary. It is funny that I do not mind the world reading my most personal admissions, but I am worried about petty officials here reading it. It was nice that you were able to spend a few days with me, world. It is sad for me that it is time for you to leave. I wish I could keep a copy of these words to possibly enlighten certain members of my family or good friends I meet in the future, but I do have a copy in my memory, and I made a list of the things I talked about, by page number, on a separate piece of paper . . . I should be getting my answer from the Angleton Parole Panel any day now. I have been in prison so long that I cannot imagine what it will be like when I get out. I will have to start again completely poor, without a job, and no place to store my artwork and supplies. To tell you the truth, world, I’m scared. I’m scared if I make it and scared that I won’t. Pray for me.