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YouTube takes new steps against hate speech on its platform, banning neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial videos. A Pew Center survey seems to indicate that Americans are more worried about ‘made-up news’ than about climate change. Laid-off reporters form a new advocacy group to focus on ‘Big Tech’s threat to journalism.’ A Texas judge dismisses a lawsuit arguing that the University of Texas infringed on its students’ free speech rights. Hate crimes are on the rise in New York City. -James Tager, Deputy Director of Free Expression Policy and Research

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


YouTube Bans Neo-Nazi and Holocaust-Denial Videos in Push against Hate Speech
YouTube expanded its hate-speech policy to ban more white supremacist videos, such as those that promote Nazi ideology. The site is also banning hoax videos that deny the existence of the Holocaust and other well-documented violent events.

Americans Think ‘Made-Up News’ Is a Bigger Problem Than Climate Change
U.S. adults are more likely to say that “made-up news/info” is a big problem than they are to identify climate change, racism, terrorism, or sexism as such, according to a study out from the Pew Research Center: Fifty percent of those surveyed said made-up news, or “fake news,” is a “very big problem” in the United States.

These Reporters Lost Their Jobs. Now They’re Fighting Back Against Big Tech.
John Stanton and Laura Bassett, two prominent reporters who were recently laid off from digital media outlets, are forming a new advocacy group to raise awareness about Big Tech’s impact on the journalism industry.

Judge Dismisses Free Speech Lawsuit against University of Texas
The lawsuit was filed in December by Speech First, a national group that advocates for free speech on college campuses. The group claimed the rules under UT’s speech policy that prohibit verbal harassment violate the First Amendment and are impossible to follow because they are too unclear and broad.

Swastikas and Burning Pride Flags: Hate Crimes Spike in NY
Even as crime has fallen overall, the sharp increase in bias incidents and vandalism has unsettled a city known for its multicultural fabric and tolerance. It comes as the entire country has been wracked with heightened racial tensions and violence, including shootings at synagogues in San Diego in April and in Pittsburgh last year.


China Warns Students: Be Careful If Studying in the U.S.
The Chinese Ministry of Education has warned students to be careful if studying in the United States—the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries. In its first “study aboard alert” of the year, the ministry said students and academics must “prepare accordingly.”

Opinion: Hungary and Serbia Have Found New Ways to Smother the Media
“Over the past few years, illiberal leaders have developed new techniques for controlling and co-opting the media to maintain their hold on power. They no longer resort to tactics such as censorship, force or outright intimidation of journalists. Instead, they harness institutional weaknesses and market conditions to limit the reach of independent media and amplify voices that support the government.”

Sudan Protesters Reject Military Election Plan after Crackdown
Sudanese opposition leaders have denounced Monday’s attack by security forces on protesters in Khartoum. Groups allied to the opposition say that the killings, brutal beatings and rapes against them are part of a wider campaign of violence. Protesters have rejected the Transitional Military Council’s plan for an election in nine months, saying it won’t be free or fair and have called for civil disobedience next week.

Ex-Junta Leader Elected Thailand’s New Prime Minister
Both lower and upper houses of Thailand’s government elected former leader of the country’s military junta Prayut Chan-ocha as the country’s 29th prime minister. The former military general led a military coup in the country five years previous and installed himself as its leader.

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