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More women go on the record to speak out about sexual assault and harassment by powerful men in the public eye. Some records relating to the JFK assassination are held back from scheduled release after last-minute requests by national security agencies. Twitter pulls all advertising by Russian propaganda organs RT and Sputnik after concluding they attempted to interfere with presidential campaign, and says it will donate $1.9 million of ad revenue it received to research into Twitter’s role in elections. New peer-reviewed paper says Twitter along with Facebook and Google had company employees embedded in the Trump campaign playing significant political strategy roles beyond the typical partnership with big advertisers. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


The Weinstein ripple effect: Famous men accused of sexual harassment and assault
For nearly three decades, Harvey Weinstein faced allegations of sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact. More than 40 women have publicly accused Weinstein of abuse. These allegations set off a ripple effect, empowering people who say they also were victims to come forward with stories of abuse by people in power.

2,800 JFK Assassination Files Have Been Released, Others Withheld
Some files are being withheld owing to what the White House says are national security, law enforcement and foreign policy concerns. The vast majority of what’s being withheld is at the request of the FBI and the CIA.

Twitter pulls RT, Sputnik advertising
In January, an intelligence community assessment said both networks had been used for a Russian influence campaign aimed at denigrating Hillary Clinton and undermining the integrity of the 2016 presidential election. Twitter said it made its decision about RT and Sputnik based on internal research and the assessment.

How Facebook, Google and Twitter ’embeds’ helped Trump in 2016
While the companies call it standard practice to work with high-spending advertisers like political campaigns, new research details how staffers acted more like political operatives: suggesting methods to target difficult-to-reach voters online and scanning candidate calendars to recommend ad pushes around upcoming speeches.

When a Facebook test moves news stories to a separate feed, traffic—and public discourse—are at stake
“In the old feed, there were problems, but the news was there. Right now, it’s becoming more complicated. Facebook is trying to get the news out of people’s way,” journalist Dina Fernandez said. “It’s important politically how this is going to play out. People need to be informed.”


Vietnam dissident’s daughter calls on Melania Trump for help
Despite sweeping economic reform and increasing openness to social change, media censorship remains tight in Vietnam and criticism of the Communist state is not tolerated. At least 17 dissidents have been arrested this year in a crackdown that followed changes within the ruling party hierarchy.

Media Abuse Becomes Strategy of Choice in Albanian Politics
The journalists that were critical of the government’s stance saw abuse in the comments under their articles and on social media reach an all-time high. On TV both the government and opposition used various propaganda and disinformation techniques to support their cases.

Tanzania: Ban On Newspapers Unlawful, Says Shadow Minister
The government banned Tanzania Daima on October 24 for allegedly publishing “false information” despite the paper’s efforts to confess the mistake and apologise to members of the public. The daily paper became the fourth newspaper to be banned from publication just in one year.

Police arrests journalist over extortion charges
Vinod Verma, a freelance journalist, who has worked with the BBC and the Amar Ujala Hindi news group, was picked up from his house in Ghaziabad city near New Delhi. Verma was member of an Editors’ Guild of India team which wrote a report slamming the police crackdown on journalists in Chhattisgarh.

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