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DARE: The Repeal of Net Neutrality Is Official. Here’s How That Could Affect You.

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The Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules that required internet service providers to offer equal access to all web content take effect. Creator of The Wire David Simon says he’s been banned from Twitter and questions how the standards are applied. The White House needs a staff to tape back together documents ripped up by President Trump so that he is in compliance with the Presidential Records Act, which requires sending all such paperwork to the National Archives for safekeeping as historical records. Seizure of New York Times reporters’ phone and email records raise questions about whether guidelines requiring advance notice put into effect by Obama administration are still in place. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

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Net Neutrality Repeal is Official. Here’s How that Could Affect You.
The Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules, which had required internet service providers to offer equal access to all web content, have taken effect. Opponents of the repal argued that it would open the door for service providers to censor content online or charge additional fees for better service.

The Wire Creator Says He’s Been Banned for ‘Hyperbolic and Comic’ Responses to Anti-immigration Tweets
The Wire creator David Simon says that he has been banned from Twitter. Known for his politically outspoken tweets, he claims that Twitter’s censorship policies are flawed, arguing that the dissemination of ‘anti-human’ opinions is allowed.

Meet the Guys Who Tape Trump’s Papers Back Together
Under the Presidential Records Act, the White House must preserve all memos, letters, emails and papers that the president touches, sending them to the National Archives for safekeeping as historical records. But White House aides have been unable to stop Trump from ripping up papers, leaving them to tape the fragments back together in order to make sure that he doesn’t violate the law.

In Targeting Times Reporter, Justice Dept. Backs Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric
The revelation that the Justice Department had seized years of phone and email records from a New York Times journalist has raised concerns if guidelines created by the Obama administration requiring reporters to be given advanced notice of any attempt to obtain their records were still in place.


Hong Kong Jails Independence Leader for Six Years
Edward Leung was convicted in May of rioting over the 2016 running battles with police. Now, the Hong Kong independence activist has been jailed for six years for his involvement in some of the city’s worst protest violence for decades.

Parliament Approves Law Regulating Press and Media
Under a new law approved by the House of Representatives in Egyptian Parliament, all press and media are prohibited from publishing or broadcasting false news and encouraging or inciting violence, hatred, discrimination between citizens, and violation of the law. It also prohibits slander or insult to religions. MPs have voiced concerns that it will undermine freedom of opinion and expression.

How a Turkish Political Party Used Google AdWords to Defy Censorship
The recently founded Good Party used Google ads to outwit a media blackout put in place by Turkey’s ruling party. The country has been under the emergency rule by Erdoğan since July 2016 coup attempt, resulting in both online and offline hurdles for the opposition ahead of the June 24 election for both a new Turkish parliament and a new president.

Tommy Robinson Supporters Arrested After London Protest
A group of Tommy Robinson supporters blocked off a major road in central London in a tense stand-off with police in what appears to be a bid to secure the release from jail of the former leader of the English Defence League. The far-right activist was sentenced to 13 months in jail for contempt of court and breaching a previous suspended sentence.

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