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FBI Director Christopher Wray says that while the U.S. had not seen a ‘material impact on election infrastructure’ from foreign adversaries in the recent midterm elections, foreign influence campaigns pitting Americans against each other on social media have continued ‘virtually unabated.’ A Sacramento Bee reporter detained while covering a protest of the California attorney general’s decision not to pursue charges against two police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark. Turmoil continues over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comments on U.S. support of Israel, revealing deep divides spanning ideology, identity, and generations, and the limits of speech considered ‘acceptable.’ Self-professed white nationalist and host of ‘America First’ Nicholas Fuentes set to speak at Iowa State University today. -Anoosh Gasparian, External Relations Manager


DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Sacramento Bee Reporter Detained, Two More Journalists Covering Protest March among 84 Arrested
Dale Kasler was handcuffed and led away as other reporters shouted that Kasler was a member of the media on assignment. He had been standing on the west side of the street, where several protesters who were also arrested had been standing.

Anti-Semitism Debate Exposes New Fault Lines in U.S. Politics
“So while there is nothing new about the U.S.-Israel relationship drawing scrutiny from the left, the political moment is ripe. And it coincides with a younger generation far more willing to challenge old orthodoxies of foreign policy.”

White Nationalist Nicholas Fuentes Likely Coming to Iowa State Wednesday, Sources Say
Nicholas Fuentes, host of “America First” who has said he could be accurately described as a white nationalist, as he is both “white” and a “nationalist,” will likely be coming to Iowa State today.

Opinion: If Trump Really Attempted to Ruin CNN, He Deserves to Be Impeached
“Trump’s attempts to manipulate the news media have never received the kind of intensive scrutiny they deserve, because so many other scandals have jostled for attention. Now, at last, there is a chance for a long-overdue reckoning.”


Saudi Arabia Faces First-Ever Censure at UN Rights Forum: Diplomats *PEN Case List: Learn More
European countries will urge Saudi Arabia this week to release detained activists and cooperate with a UN-led probe into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Embattled Philippine Journalist Vows to Fight for Press Freedom
“In 13 months, Rappler has had its licenses revoked. I’m facing a minimum of nine different cases. I’ve had to post bail six times in two months, since December. So, there’s something very, very wrong,” Maria Ressa said, vowing to fight every case.

Thailand Elections: Contender May Be Charged after Sharing Fake News
The deputy leader of an up-and-coming political party contesting Thailand’s general election has become the latest target of heavily restrictive online content laws after unwittingly sharing a false news article.

In Myanmar, ‘Pervasive Hate Speech and Shrinking Freedom’
The United Nations human rights investigator on Myanmar has expressed alarm over the “pervasive nature of hate speech” in the country, including material in textbooks that reportedly teach fourth-grade students to “loathe those of mixed blood.”

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