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As printed newspapers continue to struggle, one of the nation’s oldest papers, The Post-Gazette, cuts its print publication from seven to five days a week, making Pittsburgh the largest U.S. city without a daily print newspaper. Amtrak requests that all copies of the controversial white nationalist propaganda, Turner Diaries, be removed from all its stations after the book is found on the shelf in Baltimore’s Penn Station. Following the FCC’s reversal of net neutrality regulations last year, two bills that would create the “strongest net neutrality rules in the nation” face final approval in California’s Assembly and Senate this week. Female candidates, especially those who belong to a minority group, endure amplified online threats and abuse while running for office. -Juliann Nelson, Online Editor


The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Pittsburgh Becomes Largest U.S. City Without a Daily Print Newspaper
The Post-Gazette, which launched 232 years ago and is one of the oldest newspapers in the country, had originally indicated in June the cutback would eventually be happening while noting the digital edition of the paper will continue.

Nazi Propaganda is Being Sold at Baltimore’s Penn Station
A news stand in Baltimore’s Penn Station is selling an infamous neo-Nazi book, which has been linked to over 200 murders and has been described as “arguably the most important single work of white nationalist propaganda in the English language.”

California Pledged to Protect Net Neutrality—The Showdown is Here
Two California bills face final approval this week. One would prevent providers from blocking or slowing down websites, or charging fees for faster speeds. The other would deny public contracts to companies that fail to follow the new state laws.

For Female Candidates, Harassment and Threats Come Every Day
The 2018 election cycle has brought a surge of female candidates. However, a report finds that harassment and threats, already common for women, can be amplified in political races—especially if the candidate is a member of a minority group

7 Arrested at Protest Over Torn-Down Confederate ‘Silent Sam’ Statue at UNC
Seven people were arrested after protesters clashed at the Chapel Hill campus, with a group called the “Oathkeepers” rallying in support of the monument being reinstated and opposing groups arguing against the monument being on the campus.


Verdict Postponed in Reuters Journalists Case as Pressure Mounts on Myanmar *PEN Case List
The verdict in Myanmar’s prosecution of two Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, both of whom have been accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act, was postponed until September 3rd because the judge overseeing the case is sick

Museveni is Losing the Battle Against Free Speech in Uganda Thanks to the Free Bobi Wine Movement
International attention from journalists and artists is putting pressure on the president of Uganda to stop persecuting people for speaking the truth and follows the most recent arrest of Ugandan musician Bobi Wine who was charged with treason.

In Brazil, ‘Queer Museum’ is Censored, Debated, then Celebrated
After nearly a year of arguments surrounding freedom of expression and what qualifies as art, the ‘Queer Museum’, which centers on LGBTQ+ themes in its drawing and paintings, reopened this month in Parque Lage.

Russians on Trial for Sharing Memes, Networks Ask for Law Change
Lawyers of individuals who are on trial for sharing memes say the Kremlin is trying to force people to think twice before sharing opinions online—one of the last remaining spaces where the opposition is relatively free to organize.

Journalist Jones Abiri Sues Nigerian Government, Demands N200 Million
Jones Abiri, a publisher of a Bayelsa State-based weekly paper, has demanded a compensation from the Nigerian government for his prolonged detention without charge and trial, flagrant abuse of his rights, and torture during detention.

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