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More lawyers and journalists stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border by Customs and Border Protection officials (See PEN America’s reaction to the initial news that the United States government is monitoring journalists, lawyers, and advocates covering various U.S.-Mexico border issues here.) Two Oklahoma lawmakers working on legislation regarding free speech on college campuses invited to the White House ahead of the expected executive order tying federal funding for colleges to protections for free speech. Cook County judge blocks ProPublica Illinois from publishing any identifying information in a child welfare case. -Anoosh Gasparian, External Relations Manager

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


More Lawyers, Reporter Stopped and Questioned at Border by U.S. Officials
At least one journalist and four American immigration attorneys have been stopped and questioned at border stations in Arizona and Texas in recent months. These are in addition to 59 others whose names were on a list to be pulled aside by border agents in San Diego.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Invited to White House for ‘Efforts to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses’
According to legislative officials, SB 361 is set to clarify that colleges and universities cannot prohibit free speech in public areas, what it means to disrupt freedom of expression, and that speech not protected by the First Amendment will not be protected on campus.

Cook County Judge Blocks ProPublica Illinois from Publishing Details of Child Welfare Case
The judge of the child protection division of juvenile court issued an order forbidding news organizations from publishing the names, addresses, or any demographic information that would identify the children or the foster parents in a case ProPublica Illinois has been investigating—a rare instance of a judge acting prior to publication.

Alarm over Leaked U.S. Database Targeting Journalists and Immigration Activists
“Civil rights activists and members of Congress have expressed alarm about this database, as well as the arrest of more than 37 other immigration activists by Donald Trump’s administration. They see it as a politically motivated crackdown on media and campaigners as Trump seeks to ramp up the pressure to build a border wall.”


Vietnam Jails Dissident for ‘Reactionary’ Facebook Posts That Criticized State Surveillance and Long Leases for Foreign Investors
Le Minh The, a Vietnamese activist, was sentenced to two years in prison for “abusing democratic freedoms” in the conservative communist state that has seen an uptick in dissident detentions under a hardline leadership.

Russian Authorities Cancel Theater Festival Under “Gay Propaganda” Law
Organizers of the festival, called Tsvet Shafrana (“The Color of Saffron”), said they were forced to cancel the event after a play called “Blue and Pink” drew the ire of city authorities. The play is a youth production about gender stereotypes.

Egypt Tightens Restrictions on Media, Social Networks
Egypt’s top media regulator put into effect tighter restrictions that allow the state to block websites and even social media accounts with over 5,000 followers if they are deemed a threat to national security.

When Weibo Was a Free-Speech Haven
“Weibo once seemed poised to have a revolutionary effect on both the Chinese internet and, potentially, society at large. During Weibo’s brief period as a genuine platform for discussion and dissent, microbloggers did actually achieve real change.”

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