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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of UC San Diego student publication, finding that the university targeted the publication specifically and possibly violated its First Amendment rights. Rise in election interference no longer originating from Russian actors alone, as domestic and Iranian operatives engage in spread of online disinformation tactics. (Sign PEN America’s petition demanding that the DNC and the RNC create party-wide frameworks to discourage and prevent disinformation tactics.) Following The Guardian and PEN America’s commission of poetry works writers turn to in effort to conquer hate, readers share their selection of poetry in solidarity. Students who posed with guns in front of Mississippi memorial for Emmett Till are suspended from their fraternity. -Nora Benavidez, Director of U.S. Free Expression Programs

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Lawsuit Affirms That Even ‘Offensive’ Publications Have Free Press Rights
Appeals court reinstates humor publication The Koala’s lawsuit alleging that UC San Diego violated its free press and free speech rights by barring access to funds after condemning the publication as “repugnant.”

It’s Not Just the Russians Anymore as Iranians and Others Turn up Disinformation Efforts Ahead of 2020 Vote
American voters are likely to be targeted in the coming campaign season by more foreign disinformation than ever before. A short list of countries that host online influence operations with a history of interfering across borders includes Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela, researchers say.

‘I, Too, Sing America’: Readers Share Poetry to Conquer Hate
The Guardian and PEN America asked a number of writers and poets to share favorite lines from poetry and literature about overcoming hatred. We also asked you, the readers, to share favorite lines.

Fraternity Suspends Students Who Posed With Guns in Front of Emmett Till Memorial in Mississippi
Three students at the University of Mississippi were suspended by their fraternity after an Instagram photo surfaced of them brandishing guns in front of a bullet-riddled memorial sign for Emmett Till, whose brutal murder in 1955 served as a catalyst for the civil rights movement.


Queensland Police Drop Charges against French Journalist Arrested at Adani Protest
Queensland police have dropped charges against four French journalists arrested while filming an Adani protest on Monday, after the French ambassador to Australia intervened on their behalf.

Sudan’s Journalist Union Says Its Head Detained by Military
The Sudanese Journalists’ Union called on the ruling Transitional Military Council to “immediately release” its head Sadiq al-Rizaigi, who is also editor of Al-Sayha newspaper, or that he be put on trial.

Humor Website Deletes ‘Insults’ against the Russian Flag, on Orders from the Federal Censor
The humor website risovach.ru has agreed to remove an image that allegedly insulted Russia’s state symbols, acquiescing to orders from the federal censor Roskomnadzor, which acted at the request of the Attorney General’s Office.

Russian Journalist Found Guilty over ‘Mind-Controlling’ Orwell Reference
Mikhail Romanov, a journalist in Siberia, has been found guilty over a reference he made to George Orwell’s “1984,” marking a milestone in Russia’s legal system. He was detained earlier this month over an article on the alleged torture of an academic that contained a reference to the phrase “Big Brother is watching.”

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