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The House Homeland Security Committee subpoenas the owner of 8chan, the messaging forum linked to three mass shootings this year, to testify before Congress. Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Dan Sebring demands the removal of a mural on a bus, painted by local students in conjunction with the Milwaukee Art Museum and the county’s public transit system, depicting a raid by ICE agents and ‘know your rights’ instructions. Fox News host Todd Starnes compares migrants entering the United States to Nazis, less than two weeks after a deadly mass shooting targeting Latinos in El Paso. Pew survey looks into demographics and habits of local news readers and viewers. -Anoosh Gasparian, External Relations Manager

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


House Homeland Security Committee Subpoenas 8chan Owner
8chan and other fringe networks have come under enormous bipartisan scrutiny in recent months after the sites have been linked to a string of attacks allegedly carried out by white supremacists and extremists with ties to fringe online communities.

Mural on Milwaukee Bus Depicting ICE Raid Draws Criticism
Each year since 2003, the Milwaukee Art Museum and Milwaukee County Public Transit System have partnered up to decorate a county bus with a mural designed and created by Milwaukee teenagers. This year’s mural on immigration is the first time the longstanding partnership has drawn criticism.

Fox News Host Compares Migrants Entering U.S. to Nazis
The comments were first noted by media watchdog Media Matters’ Jason Campbell. They repeat a pattern of extreme rhetoric coming from Fox News, and come during a national debate over the role of racist language from politicians and media figures in spurring violence and prejudice against immigrants.

Older Americans, Black Adults and Americans with Less Education More Interested in Local News
Older Americans, black adults, and those with a high school education or less show considerably more interest in local news than their counterparts, according to a new analysis from Pew Research Center. These same groups prefer getting their local news via the TV rather than online.


Myanmar’s Other Reporters *PEN Case List: Find out more
“Behind the story of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, however, are dozens of other prosecutions that, like Swe Win’s, relate to the assault on the Rohingya and go largely unseen. One highly visible victory may have served to mask dozens of defeats.”

‘Silenced’: Pakistan’s Journalists Decry New Era of Censorship
“[Journalists] know no new instructions are coming in from the editor, they know the news editor is not stopping them … from writing certain things, but the overall atmosphere that has been created through intimidation and other methods, it is having a psychological impact and it is affecting our journalism.”

Cuban Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara Arrested over Performance with Cuban Flag
Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, a staunch activist for artistic freedom in the country, was arrested outside the Museum of Dissidence in Havana and released two days later. Alcántara has previously been harassed and detained by the police on numerous occasions for his activism.

Opinion: The Silence Is the Loudest Sound
“Amid these vulgar celebrations in India, the loudest sound is the deathly silence from Kashmir’s patrolled, barricaded streets and its approximately seven million caged, humiliated people, stitched down by razor wire, spied on by drones, living under a complete communications blackout.”

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