President Trump takes his attacks on the democratic institution of a free press abroad, yet again branding much of the U.S. news media as the “enemy of the people” and declaring Fox News “a real network”, as he meets with Putin, whose country curbs media independence and jails opponents. Finnish newspaper lines route from airport to summit with 300 billboards defending free press. PEN America is in Helsinki with other human rights organizations that refuse to be silent on the case of Ukrainian writer and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, now more than two months into a hunger strike, and other political prisoners in Russia. Read more here. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


‘Fake News’ Goes Global as Trump, in Britain, Rips the Press
Trump gave a fresh audience a front-row seat to his treatment of the press. The spectacle of a president bashing his nation’s news organizations on foreign soil was a reminder of how Trump’s conduct with journalists can still shock.

Finnish Paper Targets Trump and Putin with Billboards on Press Freedom
A Finnish newspaper is welcoming Trump and Putin to Helsinki with pointed messages, which appear on 300 billboards, include: “Mr. President, Welcome to the land of free press” and “Trump calls media enemy of the people.”

Trump Urged to Raise Ukraine Filmmaker’s Fate with Putin
PEN America called on Trump to raise the fate of a hunger-striking Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov at a summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Sentsov is serving a 20-year sentence after being convicted on terrorism charges.

Trump and Putin Finish Talks with No Hint Vote Meddling Was Raised
Trump and Putin have finished their highly sensitive talks in Helsinki after two hours, with no hint that Moscow’s election meddling was discussed. After the meeting, Trump said: “I think it’s a good start. Very, very good start for everybody.”


Jailed Reuters Journalists to Testify in Myanmar Court *PEN Case List
Two jailed Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo on trial in Myanmar accused of obtaining secret state documents will testify in court, the first opportunity since being detainedthey have had to fully tell their version of events in public.

Pro and Anti-Tommy Robinson Marches Clash in London
Steve Hedley, senior assistant general secretary of the RMT, was assaulted by supporters of the US President and Robinson, according to anti-fascism campaigners Hope Not Hate, but the perpetrators could not be immediately verified independently.

Ugandans Riot After President Imposes Social Media Tax to Fight ‘Fake News’ and Gossip
Social media users in Uganda are in a battle with President Museveni, who is trying to curb the spread of “fake news” and online gossip by taxing users for the right to log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and other media platforms.

‘Free But Not Free’: Zimbabwe’s Amateur Filmmakers Turn a Lens on Their Country
For decades, people living in Zimbabwe have been taught that speaking their minds comes at a cost. Although it’s not entirely trusted, there’s greater freedom of expression now than Zimbabweans have experienced in decades.

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