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Trump travels today to Pittsburgh, where some say he is unwelcome in light of harsh rhetoric that they argue helped fuel Saturday’s attack. The synagogue murders came amid documented rise in anti-Semitic incidents globally. White House adamantly denies any link between synagogue attack and what some construe as anti-Semitic references and overtones by the President and his allies, blaming the media for what Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders called its ‘huge responsibility’ for the climate of divisiveness in the country. -Suzanne Nossel, Chief Executive Officer

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Defiant and Divisive, Trump Set to Honor Pittsburgh Victims
President Donald Trump travels to Pittsburgh today after the worst anti-Semitic crime in American history. Critics have placed blame for the attack on his rhetoric, and some say the president is unwelcome.

Rising Anti-Semitism Worldwide Boils over at Pittsburgh Synagogue
A global study of anti-Semitism earlier this year found a fall in the number of acts of violence, attributed to greater security, but a notable rise in harassment and abuse. It highlighted a strengthening of the extreme right in some European countries, “accompanied by slogans and symbols reminiscent of the 1930s.”

Trump Escalates Anti-Media Rhetoric after Wave of Violence
While Trump has condemned the Pennsylvania shootings as an anti-Semitic act and has decried political violence, he also has continued his political schedule over the past week and largely kept up his criticism against Democrats and the media. The White House has rejected any suggestion that the president’s harsh rhetoric contributed to the toxic moment.

Will the Supreme Court Strike a Blow Against Prison Censorship?
Access to the monthly magazine Prison Legal News is one of the few ways prisoners learn about criminal justice issues, including their rights as prisoners. Florida has banned the publication, and soon the Supreme Court will have a chance to weigh in.

‘Alt-Right’ Leader Slated to Speak at NYU
A copy of Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech for Wednesday obtained by WSN shows the pundit’s derision of identity politics and people who accuse certain Halloween costume wearers of cultural appropriation. Yiannopoulos is known for calling for deportations of Muslims from Western countries, condoning pedophilia, and commenting that vigilante squads should shoot journalists.


Journalist Abducted, Beaten to Death in Jharkhand’s Chatra District
Chandan Tiwary, a 32-year-old journalist, was allegedly abducted and beaten to death in Jharkhand’s Chatra district—months after he lodged a complaint of a threat to his life. This is the second murder of a journalist in Chatra since May 2016.

Egyptian Court Frees Author of Critical Book on Egypt’s Economy
An Egyptian court has released Abdul Khalik Farouk, the author of a book about Egypt’s economy, after he was arrested for questioning on charges of publishing false news. Days before Farouk’s arrest, draft copies of the book, “Is Egypt Really a Poor Country?”, which includes criticism of the government’s economic policies, were seized by authorities from a publisher.

China Steps up Vpn Blocks Ahead of Major Trade, Internet Shows
Chinese authorities have stepped up efforts to block virtual private networks, service providers said in describing a “cat and mouse” game with censors ahead of a major trade expo and internet conference. Since Xi Jinping became president in 2013, authorities have sought to curb VPN use.

Report: These 14 Countries Allow Journalists to Be Killed with Impunity
The Committee to Protect Journalists released its annual Global Impunity Index, ranking the countries where the murder of journalists goes unsolved. This year, ratings got worse in Syria, Mexico, Brazil, and India. They improved in Somalia, Iraq, South Sudan, Philippines, Pakistan, Russia, and Nigeria. Both Afghanistan and Colombia made the list this year and not last.

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