Amid ongoing investigation of ties to Russia, President Trump takes Twitter to defend son Donald Jr., pointing to “fraudulent reporting” as the reason for the recent rocky stretch. Delta denounces Ann Coulter’s Twitter trolling of airline employees and customers as “unacceptable.” U.S. intelligence officials report that the UAE was behind  May 24 hack of Qatar news and social media websites that sparked calls to close Al Jazeera and isolate Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani from regional politics. And thousands of mourners march for Liu Xiaobo in Hong Kong, marking the only large-scale commemoration for the famed dissident in his home country. -Sarah Edkins, Communications Director.


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Trump Goes on Attack as Russia Revelations Appear to Take Toll
President Trump unleashed a new fusillade of tweets, defending his son Donald Trump Jr., slashing the news media and tarring his long-vanquished opponent, Hillary Clinton.

‘Unnecessary and Unacceptable.’ Delta Responds to Ann Coulter After Twitter Tirade
In a stream of angry tweets, Coulter said the passenger who replaced her in the roomier seat was “dachshund-legged,” compared Delta flight attendants to prison guards and said Delta “brutally tortures” passengers, among other insults.

UAE Orchestrated Hacking of Qatari Government Sites, Sparking Regional Upheaval, According to U.S. Intelligence Officials
Newly analyzed information gathered by U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that senior members of the UAE discussed the plan and its implementation. The hacks took place on May 24, shortly after President Trump completed a counterterrorism meeting with Persian Gulf leaders in neighboring Saudi Arabia and declared them unified.

Majority in GOP Think News Media, Colleges Harm the USA
Americans are sharply divided across partisan lines regarding the impact of institutions—like higher education, the media, and religion—on the United States, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.


Hong Kong Vigil For Liu Xiaobo Sends Powerful Message to Beijing *PEN Case List
Thousands of mourners marched through Hong Kong in a candlelight vigil for Chinese Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, sending a powerful message to Beijing as it tries to erase his legacy.

Turkey Detains 115 More People in Post-coup Crackdown
Turkish authorities have ordered the detention of 127 people on suspicion of links to the attempted military coup a year ago. And on Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Turks rallied to mark the anniversary of the failed coup in an outpouring of mass support for Erdogan that lay bare the divisions of a society riven by the widespread purges.

Inspired by Ukraine, Venezuelan Protesters Create Shields With Their Own Symbols
A recurring scene of the unrest happening in Venezuela is protesters protecting themselves with homemade shields painted with varying symbols and messages. The inspiration for the shields came from the 2014 Euromaidan movement in Ukraine.

Germany’s Anti-fake News Lab Yields Mixed Results
So concerned is the German government by a growing quantity of false and defamatory information online that it is going further than others in pressuring tech companies to better police their networks. Fines of up to €50 million will be imposed on social media firms if they fail to remove criminal content.

Violent Police Raids on Rise in Venezuela Amid Protests
Raids typically include arbitrary destruction and sometimes theft of private property, as well as the participation of unidentified masked men. It is not clear how many warrant-less raids have been conducted since Venezuela’s latest round of protests began in April, though media reports and opposition politicians suggest at least a dozen.

Police Detain Journalist Over Critical Facebook Posts
The police in Katsina State, Nigeria, detained journalist Danjuma Katsina over postings on Facebook alleged to be critical of a newly-elected member of the House of Representatives from the state, Mansur Mashi. The state police command Public Relations Officer, denied that Danjuma was detained, stressing that he was merely invited for questioning.

Colombian Court Demands Password to Journalist’s Facebook Account
Colombian investigative journalist William Solano is being prosecuted for slander after writing multiple articles for an independent news site. Solano has also received personal threats in response to his work. The local district attorney has sought access to Solano’s communications in order to identify key sources in his reporting, who until now have remained anonymous.

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