The Acting Attorney General, after assessing the intent and lawfulness of the Muslim travel ban, and then refusing Justice Department defense, is fired by the president for what he terms ‘betrayal’. State Department diplomats are using an established route for registering their dissent, and the presidential press secretary tells them they should just quit. The White House announces that it will not overturn Obama-era workplace protections for LBTQ people, but other threats remain. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

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Riot charges dropped against three more journalists at inauguration protests
Three more journalists who were arrested while covering protests against Trump’s inauguration have had felony charges against them dropped by prosecutors.

25 Great Books by Refugees in America
One way to regard the refugees in the news these frenzied past few days is as potential Americans, individuals and families escaping bad situations who imagine themselves building new lives here.

Facebook And Google Are Facing Criticism Over Unexplained Content Takedowns
A conservative page owner said three posts disappeared, and there have been temporary bans imposed on other pages. Facebook said it was the result of errors by its automated systems.

Criticism Of BBC Journalist Laura Kuenssberg After Her Question To Trump Is Inaccurate And Dangerous
Trump supporters have since made claims that the question was “rude” and that Kuenssberg—and the BBC as a whole—are biased against him. Breitbart labeled the question as an “attack” and the Daily Mail said it was “unbelievably crass,” There’s even a petition to fire her, on the basis that her questions were “irresponsible” and “undemocratic”.

Trump’s copying the Bush censorship playbook. Scientists aren’t standing for it
The Trump Administration is quickly realizing that scientists learned from the Bush scandal. This time around they’re not trying to appease the political appointees by staying quiet and allowing the censorship to happen.


Popular satirical website Khabaristan Times blocked in Pakistan
Khabaristan Times, with more than 12,000 followers on Facebook, said no reason has been given by authorities before blocking the site.

Libyan police seize massive amount of books, claiming they are against Sunni values
Police in Al-Marj, a city in eastern Libya, released a video on January 20 in which they bragged about seizing a large number of books, which they claimed went against Sunni values. Their haul included books about Shia Islam, but also works by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and novels by popular author Paulo Coelho.

How China banned a Swedish journalist from the country using visa restrictions
When journalist Jojje Olsson left Beijing, the city that had been his home for eight years, he had no idea that he would be banned from re-entering the country. He has never been given an explanation, and cannot even visit on a tourist visa.

Somalia: To Get Story, Journalists Risk Bullets and Bombs
Most of the reporters are freelancers, with no security to protect them, and no health benefits if they are injured on the job.

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