Trump dubs the press “enemies of the people.” Mattis, Pence, and others move delicately to distance themselves from the remarks ‎without seeming disloyal. Meanwhile Gorsuch’s record on First Amendment cases looks solid. After disclosure of an audiotape where he speaks approvingly of sex between men and pre-pubescent youths, conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos loses coveted speaking slot at right-wing political conference and lucrative Simon & Schuster book deal. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director

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Trump: Media trying to justify ‘large scale immigration in Sweden’
President Trump on Monday defended his comments about Sweden while ripping the news media for its coverage of his claims. On Twitter Trump accused the media of trying to argue that immigration is working out well in Sweden.

On free press, Supreme Court pick at odds with Trump
On the campaign trail, long before he called the news media “the enemy of the American people,” President Trump pledged to curtail press freedom. On this score, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, seems destined to disappoint his patron.

Dem rep to file lawsuit over controversial police painting
Rep. Lacy Clay files a federal lawsuit today against the Architect of the Capitol for removing a constituent’s painting that depicted police officers as animals. Clay will argue that the painting’s removal violated his constituent’s First Amendment rights to free expression.

How to run a rogue government twitter account with an anonymous email address and a burner phone
One of the first things Donald Trump did when he took office was temporarily gag several federal agencies, forbidding them from tweeting. In response, government workers created a wave of rogue Twitter accounts that share real facts about climate change and science.

The real enemy of the people is a president who opposes the free press
Even in the most challenging of times, honorable leaders recognize that without debate no administration can succeed. No president who takes seriously an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” a constitution that outlines the essential role of a free press would ever make the statements that Trump is making.


France’s far right denounces ‘media stunt’ over fake jobs probe
France’s far-right accused authorities of staging a media stunt on Monday to influence the presidential election. The searches came after a poll showed leader Marine Le Pen gaining ground on her main election rivals, independent Emmanuel Macron and conservative former prime minister Francois Fillon.

Police in Sri Lanka arrest intelligence officers over journalist killing
Police in Sri Lanka have arrested five military intelligence officers on suspicion of assassinating a prominent anti-establishment newspaper editor and orchestrating attacks on other journalists and dissidents under the former regime.

Journalists face rising threats in trouble spots
Journalists in conflict zones are facing unprecedented threats amid a rise in violent non-state actors, a decline in rule of law and increased reliance on freelancers, a media watchdog said Tuesday.

Arrest of German Journalist in Turkey Draws Condemnation
Turkish authorities arrested Deniz Yücel last week for reporting on hacked emails revealing apparent corruption in the country’s government, making him the first German journalist detained since last July’s failed coup.

Europe combats a new foe of political stability: fake news
In a year when the French, Germans and Dutch will elect leaders, the European authorities are scrambling to counter a rising tide of fake news and anti-European Union propaganda aimed at destabilizing people’s trust in institutions.

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