Washington is reeling from resignations and revelations: Trump knew about Flynn sanctions discussions with Russians‎ weeks ago, Trump campaign aides made multiple contacts to Russian intelligence agents, and the ethics overseer calls for the disciplining of Kellyanne Conway over Ivanka Trump fashion plug. The press is hot on the trail of whether Flynn could have acted alone, and what the campaign contacts were about. Hate speech flares up on campuses with anti-Muslim posters.
-Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director

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Trump rails against ‘fake news media,’ leaks from intelligence community
President Trump early Wednesday blasted the “fake news media” and leaks from the intelligence community after reports emerged that senior aides with his presidential campaign were in contact with Russian officials.

Anti-Muslim Poster Taped Up Outside Cultural Center at Rutgers
A poster was taped up right outside the Paul Robeson Cultural Center overnight with a message of hate aimed right at Muslims.

Google’s chief business officer: ‘We have to take the fake news problem very, very seriously’
Google’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, says the company is doing everything it can to combat misinformation campaigns online, a.k.a. “fake news.”

Lying took down Flynn, but it seems to be just fine on the Sunday talk shows
Should proven liars continue to be given these platforms, especially on the Sunday-morning talk circuit? At what point are some administration officials no longer welcome in these influential national forums?

Have TV media had their fill of Kellyanne Conway?
At best, Conway is low-hanging spinning fruit, sugary but empty. At worst she’s an apparatchik or, as Carl Bernstein puts it, ‘a propaganda minister.’ Neither is good for the republic.


Dominican Republic: Two radio journalists shot dead mid-broadcast
Three men have been arrested after two journalists were killed during a live radio broadcast in the Dominican Republic.

Australian security law changes to protect journalists
The federal government has agreed to critical amendments to national security laws that impose prison sentences for journalists and “outsiders” who disclose details of controlled operations conducted by the Australian Federal Police.

Turkey told to ‘change course’ on rights
Europe’s top human rights institution has urged Turkey’s leaders to “urgently change course” and reverse violations of media freedoms and the rule of law, voicing alarm over democracy in the country.

Cameroon’s Internet Blackout Continues
Parts of Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have been hit by a damaging Internet shutdown that is now entering its fifth week.

When Canadian Scientists Were Muzzled by Their Government
Ultimately, Canada’s scientific community came together to save our research, galvanized support to fight back, and captured the attention and concern of the public.

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