World Press Freedom Day Edition: PEN America Executive Director Suzanne Nossel looks at the insidious impact that denigrating journalism and concepts of truth has had on U.S. press freedom, even as the media seems re-invigorated with probing investigations and spiking audiences. Meanwhile, global press freedom surveys, recording an essential right in decline worldwide, turn with concern to the United States and see growing threats to its role as both a model and diplomatic advocate. And then we have—just as a sampling—a U.S. white nationalist reportedly finding Swedish partners for a media corporation meant to spread his message globally, nearly half of African journalists surveyed reporting being attacked via social media, and new regulations in China ready to further control online media outlets. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

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Can Freedom of the Press Survive Trump’s Onslaught?
This week marks World Press Freedom Day, which normally looks at media freedom interferences overseas. This year, though, with President Donald Trump’s well-documented attacks on the news media, World Press Freedom Day celebrants here in the United States have turned inward.

How Trump is undermining press freedom around the world
Global press freedom has long been in decline and is now at its lowest point in the past 13 years. What is new, and especially disquieting, are the mounting pressures on the media in the United States, including sharp attacks on reporters by the Trump administration.

New Alt-Right “Fight Club” Ready for Street Violence
A new fight-club “fraternity” of young white, pro-Trump men is being formed, its organizers claim, to defend free-speech rights by “Alt-Right” leaders and engage in street fighting. Others describe it as the military arm of the Alt-Right.

NSA Collected Americans’ Phone Records Despite Law Change
The report found that the NSA collected the 151 million records even though it had warrants from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court to spy on only 42 terrorism suspects in 2016, in addition to a handful identified the previous year.

When Flamethrowers Like Ann Coulter Come to Campus
Free speech has become a contentious issue on college campuses. In an age of inflamed rhetoric — both online and off — a fundamental principle of liberal arts education is being tested in new ways.


How Sweden Became “The Most Alt-Right” Country In Europe
Sweden has been a key center of white nationalism for decades. In the 1990s, it was a world capital of “white power” heavy metal bands; today, it teems with websites and podcasts promoting a new language of white identity.

Almost half of African journalists attacked on social media
As the world marks World Press Freedom day on Wednesday, African journalists are facing a new trend of attack – social media threats, harassment and trolling – online. In 2017, the attacks have seen 48% of African journalists being harassed on social media.

Chinese government bulks up restrictions against online media and news websites
Online news outlets and mainstream broadcasters operating in China will soon need to obtain official government licenses to operate legally, the country’s internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has announced.

Mexican government has failed to protect journalists, watchdog group says
Mexico is among the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist, in part because “a lack of political will” to address the crisis effectively allows “criminal gangs, corrupt officials, and cartels to silence their critics” with impunity.

How to solve impunity when journalists are targeted
The consequences of impunity are deadly. Not only are innocent people being killed for performing their civic duty and doing their job, but the stories that journalists are trying to tell are not being heard.

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