Top intelligence officials call “fake news” a grave concern. More than 200,000 plans to join inaugural protests as organizers tussle for space and permits.‎ Talladega College, a historically black institution, confirms it’s marching band will perform in inaugural parade. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Anti-Trump Activists Threaten Lawsuit Over Inauguration Protest Permits
Civil rights lawyers threatened Thursday to sue the U.S. government agency that manages much public land in Washington, accusing it of quashing dissent by not issuing permits for protests of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.

Top US intelligence official calls fake news a ‘grave concern’
Russian interference in US politics also includes espionage and the spread of fake news, America’s top intelligence official told the Senate on Thursday.

Donald Trump hits out at press suggestions he agrees with Julian Assange over DNC hack
US President-elect Donald Trump has hit out at the media over claims he is in “agreement” with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after the Republican had quoted Assange by name in a tweet on Wednesday, 4 January.

White House Reporters Still Awaiting Changes Under President Trump
Sean Spicer, the incoming White House press secretary, has promised that “business as usual is over” in Washington. Trump’s team agreed to a “protective pool,” but other traditions remain up in the air.

The American Press Is Under Threat as Never Before
It is the worst of times; it is the worst of times. Forgive me, Dickensians, but this is a press column. Never have we faced the kinds of threats to the media’s role in protecting and defending our democracy that we face today.


China Praises Apple, Blasts NYT Over App Store Blackout
An influential Chinese state-run tabloid has chided the New York Times over its reporting practices after Apple removed the newspaper’s app from its China app store at the request of the Chinese government.

Nigerian journalist arrested for reporting on deputy governor
The police in Akwa Ibom arraigned journalist Nsibiet John for criminal defamation and sedition after he published a story in a local newspaper alleging that the Akwa Ibom deputy governor “pockets” millions in security funds from the government.

Two Radio Journalists Sentenced in Ethiopia On Terror Charges
The two were convicted at a December 21 hearing of inciting extremist ideology and planning to overthrow the government through their coverage of Muslim protests about government interference in religious affairs, according to reports.

Journalist Martinovic released in Montenegro pending trial
A Montenegro court on Tuesday night released independent journalist Jovo Martinovic, pending the outcome of his trial.

Egypt releases April 6 activist Maher from jail
April 6 Youth Movement founder Ahmed Maher was released from an Egyptian jail this morning, the movement announced on social media.

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