The thought police for President-elect have Republicans running scared when it comes to differing publicly with the incoming Administration. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans
Lawmakers are loath to say anything remotely critical, fearful they might set off the president-elect or his horde of enforcers.

Newsweek reporter with epilepsy suffers seizure after Twitter user sends spiteful image
A Newsweek reporter who has epilepsy said he had a seizure after being sent a message on Twitter intended to trigger such an episode and is seeking information from the social media company to identify the person responsible for the tweet.

Tech group urges companies to prepare for surveillance and censorship
The Electronic Frontier Foundation have published an open letter to tech companies pleading them to prepare for an era of increased Internet surveillance and censorship. The EFF is citing statements by Trump and his advisors regarding Internet control, net neutrality, and freedom of speech and the press.

When will Trump hold a press conference?
Trump’s refusal thus far to call a formal news conference is fueling concerns about how he will handle the media once he reaches the White House.

Donald Trump Wouldn’t Be the First President to Rethink Press Briefings
While Trump may take the gap between conferences to lengths unseen in recent years—if his transition is any indication—the inclination to keep the press at more than arm’s length is about as old as America is.


Six Journalists Killed in Africa in 2016, Watchdog Says
The six journalists killed in Africa in 2016 mostly covered conflict, corruption and politics. The only African female journalist killed presented a children’s radio show in Somalia. Somali extremists have targeted women who hold prominent leadership roles.

Filipino community journalist killed in ambush
A community journalist was shot and killed in an ambush by a lone gunman on the island province of Catanduanes in the Bicol Region in what is considered as the unabated culture of impunity against the country’s mediamen.

Egypt blocks encrypted messaging app
Egypt has blocked the encrypted messaging service Signal used by many activists and journalists in the country, the company that owns the app said.

Kurdish journalist arrested in European capital “on Turkey’s request”
The European Federation of Journalists said that the Kurdish journalist Maxime Azadi was arrested in Brussels three days ago by Interpol on Turkey’s request.

Netanyahu: Attacking Israeli journalists on Facebook is ‘fun’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told foreign journalists that using social media to attack local reporters is ‘the most entertaining.’

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