After a spate of terror attacks in Istanbul, Zurich and Berlin, the President-elect implored the “civilized world” to “change thinking.” Despite a historic number of defections and protests, the Electoral College overwhelmingly hews to law and precedent in ratifying Trump’s win. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Donald Trump Won’t Kick Out The Press, Says Press Secretary Contender
Sean Spicer, the senior communications advisor for Donald Trump’s presidential transition team and a leading candidate to become White House press secretary, said Thursday night that the incoming president would “absolutely not” kick out news organizations in response to critical coverage.

Babson students accused of hate speech exonerated, face no discipline
In a campus free-speech case that put a national spotlight on Babson, two students were found not responsible on counts of disorderly conduct and harassment for their political demonstration, their attorneys said.

GOP rep says media is ‘blurring’ fact and opinion
Rep. Trey Gowdy wagged his finger at the media Monday for what he called a “blurring of the line” between opinion and fact, and that he thinks the media are too worried about being balanced rather than being “accurate.”

This is how journalists become pro-Trump propagandists
Journalists like to see themselves as a vital part of democracy—bold truth-tellers holding the powerful to account. Indeed, that is how some journalists behave. But there’s another side of journalism, a more seamy and unpleasant side: that of the courtier press, hacks always ready to serve those in power.

Media Needs to Challenge Trump, Not Go Off the Record With Him
Just a few months ago, Donald Trump was conducting an unprecedented attack on the press by keeping them in pens at his rallies, subjecting them to abuse, taking away press passes from newspapers. But now, it seems, all is forgiven.


Turkey blocks access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp following ambassador’s assassination
People in Turkey found themselves unable to access popular services such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp the day after the attack in what appeared to be a crack down on internet communications. It follows the imposition of a national broadcast ban in the wake of the attack.

Protest leader Safwan Anang freed of sedition charge
The Court of Appeal today acquitted former student activist Muhammad Safwan Anang of a sedition charge where he had allegedly urged the public to topple the government through street protests three years ago.

Israeli government looking to remove Australian journalist
A journalist who has allegedly engaged in actions supportive of the Boycott, Divest and Saction movement may not be able to stay in Israel, the Government Press Office said.

Turkey’s internet censorship is starting to look like China’s ‘Great Firewall’
In the past, government officials have blocked Twitter, Facebook and other social networks where Turkish residents often discuss politics. These blocks have no doubt been maddening for many, but savvy internet users have been able to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access their favorite social networks anyway.

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