The Boardroom comes to the Situation Room as the President-elect declines to relinquish his role in the Celebrity Apprentice. Meanwhile, Trump supporting college students‎ cry foul where campus administrators and faculty have presumed uniformity of opinion on the election results. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Anti-Trump march at risk due to Lincoln Memorial permit denial
US authorities denied permits to a women’s march that was being organised for 21 January, the first day in office of the Trump administration, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, traditionally the site of political protests.

Professor’s article about gay Muslim student ignites a free speech debate
When a UNC Wilmington professor posted an online article about a student activist under the title “A ‘Queer Muslim’ Jihad,” was it harassment or free speech?

Trump’s Attack on a Union Rep Has People Worried About Free Speech
Will anyone be able to criticize the president without fearing his social-media wrath? Conservatives and liberals alike are united in expressing shock and dismay about Trump’s ad hominem attack and what it means for free speech.

What Would It Take to Shut Down Trump on Twitter?
While Trump may have plenty of fans, there are just as many who wish the President-elect would “shut up and lead.” So is it possible to halt Trump’s Twitter frenzies? There are two possibilities, but they’re a stretch.

Hate speech versus free speech in the time of Trump
Should reporters refer to this white nationalist sliver of the president-elect’s supporters as neo-Nazis or the more friendly term coined by Spencer, the “alt right”? One is a serious accusation, the other is perhaps the embrace of dangerous propaganda.


Israel renews detention of Palestinian journalist
Israeli authorities yesterday renewed the administrative detention order of Palestinian journalist, human rights activist, and Addameer media coordinator Hasan Safadi for an additional six months.

British journalist detained in Kenya for 15 hours without explanation
Jerome Starkey, The Times African correspondent, was locked in a cell overnight after arriving from Britain on Thursday night. Officers said a “security block” had been placed on his passport but were unable to provide further information.

BBC lands itself in hot water over story on new king of Thailand
Thai authorities are investigating the BBC over a Thai-language profile of the new king, officials said Wednesday, after the article outraged ultra-royalists in a country where criticism of the monarchy is outlawed.

Dutch Politician Wilders Convicted Of Insulting, Inciting Discrimination against Moroccans
Judges on Friday convicted Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders of insulting Moroccans and inciting discrimination against them, but levied no punishment against him.

What it’s like to be a Palestinian journalist, according to an East Jerusalem editor
The Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds drew criticism recently when it interviewed Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Its senior editor, Amjad Omari, explains why Arabs will never recognize a Jewish state and the importance of an independent Palestinian press.

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