The Government Ethics Office tries to beat President-elect Trump at his own game, seeking to use Twitter to effect truth and meld the facts as they would wish them to be.‎ Per a 2015 interview with David Letterman, the incoming President was for the right to burn a flag before he was against it. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Reddit cracks down on ‘most toxic users’ of pro-Donald Trump forum
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has announced a plan to crack down on the “most toxic users” of a forum on the site used to discuss President-elect Donald Trump.

Student Press Under Pressure
A new report finds that university administrators aim to intimidate and censor content of student news organizations, violating basic principles of press freedom.

Donald Trump has Twitter. Why does he need to do press conferences?
More than five weeks after his election, Donald Trump has announced plans to hold his first formal press conference. He announced the move—as with everything he does—on Twitter, a platform that has become pivotal to his presidency.

S.E. Cupp: What Trump’s flag-burning tweet reveals
In a year defined by unexpected and unimaginable conversations about everything from grabbing women to repealing the 14th Amendment, I suppose it isn’t too much to throw in a completely gratuitous debate about flag-burning, upheld twice by the Supreme Court.


Qatar accused of blocking Doha News website
Doha News said both of the Gulf state’s internet service providers had prevented readers reaching the site since Wednesday. It created another domain, but that too stopped working.

The Gambia bans international calls and internet as voters go to polls
The internet, international phone calls and demonstrations have been banned in the Gambia as voters go to the polls for an election that poses the first real threat to President Yahya Jammeh after more than two decades in power.

Journalist in Mozambique Receives Death Threat
The director of the electronic news sheet “Diario de Zambezia”, published in the central Mozambican city of Quelimane, Antonio Zefanias, has received death threats via the “Whatsapp” messaging service.

With WeChat, Chinese Take Censorship Abroad, Study Says
WeChat, the immensely popular mobile app run by China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd., censors its users differently depending on whether they register using a Chinese or a foreign phone number, according to reports.

The high cost of Turkey’s crackdown
David Kaye, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, offers his thoughts on the Turkish crackdown on free speech and expression.

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