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Hannity calls on Trump to freeze out the press
Fox News commentator Sean Hannity said that until journalists admit to colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, President-elect Donald Trump should reconsider granting traditional access to reporters.

Reddit CEO admits to editing comments made by Trump supporters
The CEO of the popular social media platform Reddit has acknowledged editing comments from Donald Trump supporters that were critical of him on the site.

How will the US media cover President Donald Trump?
Like it or not, the president-elect and journalists are now stuck with each other. At this point – more than two weeks since Trump won – it’s time for both sides to take stock.

Presidents and the Press Have Long Been Adversarial. But Donald Trump Is Something New
It’s common for the president and the press to share an adversarial relationship—but historians, who see similarities between President-elect Donald Trump and former President Richard Nixon, say Trump has taken it to the next level.


Egypt writer Naoot’s jail term reduced in Islam defamation case
An Egyptian appeals court on Thursday sentenced prominent liberal writer Fatima Naoot to a suspended six-month jail term, reducing an earlier ruling of three years in prison against her for defaming Islam.

Iraq issues arrest warrant for two journalists over fake news story
A Baghdad court has issued arrest warrants for two correspondents with a Saudi newspaper over a false news report accusing Iranian pilgrims of sexually harassing Iraqi women.

Malaysian government to appeal Court of Appeal sedition ruling
The government will appeal today’s Court of Appeal ruling that struck out a provision in the Sedition Act for violating freedom of speech and equality under the law, Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali said.

Free speech becomes a focus in Sierra Leone as WhatsApp storm rages
The arrest and detainment of a student for sharing a message on social media has become a focal point for unrest about expressive freedom in Sierra Leone.

Internet, a Double-Edged Sword Stained With Fake News and Censorship
The Internet has created a new landscape of social change as an outlet for open communication. However, it also threatens Millennials with false information and censorship.

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