PEN America talks hate speech on campus in a mash-up last night with legendary attorney Floyd Abrams, Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson and others. Meanwhile defense lawyers gird to see if Trump will make good on threatened libel and defamation suits. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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After Trump, Americans want Facebook and Google to vet news. So does China.
The debate about social media’s role in Trump’s rise and the question of policing online content resonated at this week’s World Internet Summit, a bizarre event where Chinese censors mixed with Cambodia’s prime minister and a smattering of American tech executives at a resort outside Shanghai.

Protesters’ rights at center of court case over Inauguration Day demonstration space
Potential protesters may need a permit from the Presidential Inauguration Committee, which grants space along parade route for pre-screened ticket buyers, and activists are suing over free speech worries

Trump supporter in WA Senate says some protests should be felonies
As protests against President-elect Donald Trump sweep through Seattle and other major cities, a Republican state senator wants to make it a felony to participate in demonstrations that cause what he labels “economic terrorism.”

How Will the Press Respond to Trump’s Secrecy?
Clashes between the media and presidents over access aren’t new—but that doesn’t make them any less important.

Three ways the press must cover Trump in the abnormal days to come
In this post-truth universe we also hear another word a lot: “normalize.” The question behind the word is this: In covering President-elect Trump and his presidency, should the traditional news media treat this like any other transition, and like any other run-of-the-mill administration?

What Trump will have to accept: without journalism, there is no America
How American journalists should organize and fight in such a climate is a long and uncertain discussion. But they will fight a losing battle without the trust and support of the American public.


LinkedIn is now officially blocked in Russia
Amid a tense stand-off and attempt at negotiations, Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has started to enforce a proposed block of LinkedIn in the country, after the social network failed to transfer Russian user data to servers located in the country, violating a law instituted in Russia requiring all online sites to store personal data on national servers.

Bhutan journalist hit by defamation suit for sharing Facebook post
Journalist Namgay Zam faces imprisonment or a fine equivalent to 10 years’ salary if she is found guilty of defaming a prominent businessman. Zam says case risks further subduing deferential media.

US Says Anti-Nazi Resolution at UN Restricts Free Speech
The United States was one of three countries to vote against a U.N. resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism on Thursday, citing freedom of speech issues and concerns Russia was using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbors.

Lights, Camera, Redaction: China Sets New Rules for Filmmakers
While the law is aimed at improving conditions for Chinese filmmakers, it also includes provisions that some say only makes practicing their art more difficult.

Kenyan businessman slammed over threats to ‘silence’ blogger
Siyad Hassan was recorded in an audio clip where he allegedly threatened to unleash officers from Kenya’s anti-terror unit on a blogger if he does not stop attacking him.

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