An unsubstantiated, evidence-free allegation of illegal voting makes it from a fringe organization to a major disinformation website to the tweets of a President-elect, casting doubt on the outcome of an election that he won. A flood of credible news sites try to help the truth get its pants on by crying foul, but the belt just seems to slip off the waist. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Trump vs. the White House Press Corps
Outsider Donald Trump was elected president in significant part because of his promise to shake up Washington. He’ll soon find that one of the most entrenched forces that object to any change affecting them is the White House press corps. As last week’s meetings with the media showed, a clash is coming.

Four things media must do when covering Trump
Last week’s acrimonious dance between President-elect Donald Trump and the media is just the warmup. And it raises a critical question: How should reporters cover the my-way-or-the-highway president? Does it even matter?

American Pravda: How Donald Trump could sovietize the media
Compared with the Russian media state, the United States has long been a bastion of the independent press in an increasingly silenced world. Yet the election of Donald Trump could prove to be a turning point for the U.S.


Thai Junta Weighs Emergency Committee With Censorship Powers
Citing urgent cyber threats, a junta-appointed body Monday considered a proposal to create a temporary authority to police online content before supporting legislation is passed.

Kenyan Journalist Arrested Still Held in Uganda Despite Assurances
Kenya Television Network’s news anchor Joy Doreen Biira, who was arrested Sunday while filming the Ugandan military, is still in custody, despite assurance by authorities that she will be freed.

Moscow court prolongs arrest of Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko
The Moscow Lefortovo Court, on November 28, prolonged the arrest of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, who is charged with espionage in Russia, until late January.

Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh convicted in defamation case
Senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was convicted in a defamation case filed by MP Pralhad Joshi. The court sentenced her to six months imprisonment, and imposed a 10,000 rupee fine.

Turkey detains BBC journalist reporting on mine disaster
Hatice Kamer, a journalist working for the BBC’s Turkish-language service, has been freed after being held in south-east of country with no explaination after attempting to interview families of the victims of the disaster.

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