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New study reveals ignorance and indifference of Americans regarding the First Amendment. Fox News is sued by commentator who claims she was blacklisted in retaliation for accusing a network anchor of rape. PEN America mobilizes arts groups behind brief challenging Trump Administration Muslim ban on grounds that it interferes with the First Amendment right to receive and impart information through international artistic exchange. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Americans know literally nothing about the Constitution
A poll from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center reveals how little people know about the most basic elements of our government and the Constitution. More than one in three people (37 percent) could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment.

Charles Payne, Fox News Sued by Political Commentator Who Says She Was Raped
Scottie Hughes, a political commentator who regularly appeared on the network, has come forward as the source of a harassment report in a lawsuit filed in New York federal court. She says Payne raped her in 2013 and her invitations to appear on Fox shows “increased dramatically” after the assault.

PEN America among arts organizations opposing travel ban
PEN America and the Sundance Institute are among nearly 30 arts organizations that have filed a brief that calls on the Supreme Court to strike down the Trump administration’s travel ban.

How to Fight ‘Fake News’ (Warning: It Isn’t Easy)
In a report published in Psychological Science, a team of academics reviewed two decades of research to better understand how to effectively debunk misinformation. In the end, they found eight worthwhile studies, with more than 6,800 participants.


Exclusive: Facebook Silences Rohingya Reports of Ethnic Cleansing
Rohingya activists—in Burma and in Western countries—say Facebook has been removing their posts documenting the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people in Burma (Myanmar). They said their accounts are frequently suspended or taken down.

Aung San Suu Kyi condemns ‘all human rights violations’
Suu Kyi “feels deeply” for the suffering of “all people” caught up in conflict-torn Rakhine state. “We are concerned to hear the number of Muslims fleeing areas to Bangladesh,” she said, adding that Myanmar condemns any “human rights violations” that may have exacerbated the crisis.

In Ukraine, Fears of ‘Technological Terrorism’ Cause Free Expression to Decline
“The parliament has a registered bill, which, if adopted, would make possible extrajudicial blocking of internet resources and significantly broaden the definition of technological terrorism to include therein any dissenting opinion, criticism of the government or simply sensitization of the critical issue within the society.”

Mafia versus the media: Italian journalists face upsurge in threats and intimidation
The economic situation for Italian journalists is harsh. “A defamation lawsuit could be as lethal as a bullet.” Many journalists stop working on investigations because of the risk of lawsuits. If they were sued, they wouldn’t be able to afford the economic risks. The result is self-censorship.

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