D1C3 Says yes Says no Says maybe Says I don’t know Says perhaps Says I don’t think so Says probably Says tomorrow Says after tomorrow Says never Says don’t point profanity Says don’t show licentious nudity Says don’t mention illegal traffic Says don’t infer sex perversion Says don’t display white slavery Says don’t represent miscegenation Says don’t mention venereal diseases Says don’t show childbirth (in fact or in silhouette) Says don’t depict children’s sex organs Says don’t ridicule the clergy Says don’t offend any nation Says don’t offend any race Says don’t offend any creed Says Platt Amendment Says Independence of Panama Says Dominican Republic Says occupation of Nicaragua Says Mexican Revolution Says occupation of Haiti Says Operation PB Success Says Bay of Pigs invasion Says Chile & Pinochet Says Invasion of Grenada Says pronunciamiento Says coup d’état Says de facto government Says military government Says military coup Says military regime Says authoritarian regime Says governing body Says junta Says (pure & simple) dictatorship Says Victor Yuschenko Says Alexander Litvinenko Says Tommie Smith Says John Carlos Says Tuskegee syphilis experiment Says Guatemala syphilis experiment Says Milgram Experiment on obedience Says Leo Stanley at San Quentin Says US Army human radiation experiments Says Chemical Warfare Service experiments Says San Antonio Contraceptive study Says Monster study Says Project Chatter Says Project Bluebird Says Project Artichoke Says Project MK-ULTRA Says Guantanamo Bay Says Abu Ghraib Says I like to be in America Says OK by me in America Says everything free in America Says for a small fee in America Says automobile in America Says chromium steel in America Says wire-spoke wheel in America Says very big deal in America Says immigrant goes to America Says many hellos in America Says nobody knows in America Says Arc de Triumph is in America Says I like the shores of America Says comfort is yours in America Says knobs on the doors in America Says wall to wall floors in America Says tutti frutti Says oh Rudy Says tutti frutti Says oh Rudy Says tutti frutti Says oh Rudy Says A whop bop-a-lu Says A whop bam boo Says France for the French Says Canada for Canadians Says Germany for Germans Says Britain for Britons Says Norway for Norwegians Says Mexico para los Mexicanos Says Chili pour les Chiliens Says America for Americans Says Mars for Martians Says better not talk about this Says don’t make such a big deal Says better leave this behind Says forget about it Says this is what it is (and no more) Says this doesn’t exist Says don’t know Says don’t matter Says don’t care Says not my problem Says none of my business Says doesn’t concern me Says doesn’t affect me Says has nothing to do with me Says I wash my hands Says no forgiveness Says no forgetting Once a week, the PEN Poetry Series publishes work by emerging and established writers from coast to coast. Subscribe to the Poetry Series mailing list and have poems delivered to your e-mail as soon as they are published (no spam, no news, just poems). We hope you like the pieces we find as much as we do, and pass them on.