To Be Not Stupid


Intimator, I haven’t you, I have saved
us from Spokane and Reno, back of the bare
ocean, the wherewithal behind all the,

and the midway, which did exist
a secular Jew, a loss lacking as luck would
have, as luck would have it.

Sober mountain, leaf through the mesh
tell a blue, tall enough on Keefer
a wheel’s spoke from all I could,

I could tongue a cherished tongue
be a meal in being
and knowing

the English brew that hurt me
lewder Christ that blew beneath me
Intimidator, I can’t with you, I

keep kittenish in mind.
Toilet sugar-root, poetry-beet
I do poetry poetry comes with me

it comes first
I got more interesting now
I’m practically, smelling marriageable,

not-guilty, dyed a la carte live al fresco on
a sea of Skittles, transplanted away from
him &  him, creased in the crowds

shopping in Cambridge, Yimmy Yayo
Bebe Zeva, now I am your waitress now
What do you think of that, or feel.

Love lovely weather permitting
love I liken to a tree of your name as your
face as your face will admit

a galactic avoidance, tending everywhere
what happened to you?
where are, and how


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