Summer Snow

*The following is a true account. Everything actually took place at the end of summer of 1982.On July 8, 1982, I turned fourteen years old. It was the middle… More

Amos Fuller Doesn’t Speak

Amos Fuller Doesn't SpeakAmos Fuller doesn’t speak.He sometimes sits with us when there is room,His stark dinner tray occupying his privatequarter of the table.His khakis are always neat and… More

Horizon’s Edge

CHARACTERSTHE PRESENT:JOHN: The Dungeon Master, wears prisoner whites.OFFICER: The Prison Guard, wears confederate gray uniform.CHARLIE: Dungeons & Dragons Player, wears prisoner whites.JIM: Dungeons & Dragons Player, wears prisoner whites.DAVID: Dungeons &… More

Sidney Offit on Kurt Vonnegut

When Roger Straus introduced me to Kurt Vonnegut at a PEN seminar circa 1970, the publisher of so many Nobel Laureates it was rumored he had an apartment in… More

The Seventh Sense

A death cloud hovered over the prison. My Seventh Sense was still dormant. Chico walked around the yard against the flow of traffic—the first omen of doom, and I… More

A Family’s Ties

*This story is dedicated to Mrs. Vera Prather. Without her loving support this story may never have been told.My parents had a secret. And as secrets go, they shared… More

Release Date

On shaky knees Carson takes the first step onto the front walk. For six long years the address before him had been only numbers and letters. Now, in the… More

An Indeterminate SHU

An Indeterminate SHUChilled gusts slice through razor wirecreeping around the window's edgelike ants teeming over breadcrumbs.Rats intrepidly stalk the tier sniffingremnants of tonight's repast. I pay them no heed.I… More