CYAB Committee Visits New Orleans

As part of an ongoing relationship between the PEN Children’s Book Committee and the Martin Luther King School of New Orleans, author and photographer Susan Kuklin and author Elizabeth… More

Interview: Clifford Barnes

QUESTION: What was the spark that made you begin writing in prison? When did it occur?CLIFFORD BARNES:I didn’t begin writing in prison. I wrote as a youngster, not just… More

Interview: Zachary Redfearne

QUESTION: What was the spark that made you begin writing in prison? When did it occur?ZACHARY REDFEARNE: A writing workshop by Naropa University was a big motivational booster.Q: Can… More

How She Penetrates

According to family lore, there was a great bonfire in which all of Jane’s possessions perished. Her journals, her clothes, her scrapbooks, her books, her typewriter, her school papers,… More

Myth Milk

They shot him like a dog, and me they slapped. That’s how it always is—they shoot the men like dogs and the women get slapped. “I don’t have the… More

Bwana Burton’s Binoculars

“Tell me, Baba Sidi, I’ve never understood, what exactly did you do on that journey?”“Good question.”“You didn’t carry…”“True.”“You didn’t fight…”“True.”“You didn’t cook…”“True.”“You didn’t wash clothes…”“There were others to do… More

Realist Fiction

Last night, in a biker bar, I overheard two men discussing what distinguished “realist” fiction from more “experimental” work. Although one shouldn’t generalize, I never expect bikers to be… More

Etgar Keret & George Saunders

I was amazed by your stories, by the quality and quantity of imagination, and the unbelievable overflow of ideas. So I wanted to ask a question that’s probably unfair.… More

The Messiness of Now: A Conversation

Amitava Kumar: There was a man in the nineteenth century who anticipated everything that Ilija was going to do and write, and lived his life accordingly: Richard Francis Burton.… More

Excerpt of The Lion Dreaming

I invented Rome. The new Rome. The Rome where life is sweet, the place people imagine when they hear the name—that was my idea. It was just an idea,… More

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