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DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Google fires employee who wrote anonymous memo questioning the role of women in engineering; Scientists leak government report on climate change; Agriculture dept. employees stopped from using the term… More

The PEN Ten with Malka Older

Writers mirror their societies, reflecting back and interpreting what they see with enough distance and distortion for recognition and insights and evolution to occur. More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

DOJ's crackdown on leaks undermines years of negotiations with media organizations to protect journalists from surveillance, Gen. Kelly faces uphill battle in tackling White House's lies, Pussy Riot detained… More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Transcripts of Trump's phone calls with world leaders leak, prompting debate amongst supporters and detractors alike; YouTube becomes platform of choice for young far-right, Trump tells crowd of supporters… More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

CNN's Jim Acosta has heated exchange with White House Aide Stephen Miller over immigration plans; Sinclair Broadcasting Group's must-run segments show pro-Trump bias, French journalist detained in Turkey, and… More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

New direction of State Department leaves democracy to fall by the wayside, emboldening illiberal regimes around the world; EPA official resigns, decrying 'temporary triumph of myth over truth'; and… More

Three Poems by Zachary Pace

Thousands of trees—each an individual (also belonging / to a genus, family, order, class, division, kingdom)— / surrounded you & me earlier today as we discussed / the insidious,… More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Scaramucci ouster prompts pundits to ponder whether new White House Chief of Staff may be able to impose some message discipline, Chinese state media accuses Trump of 'emotional venting'… More

August Featured Case: Liu Xia

It appears that, after years of suffering, Liu Xia is still being controlled, restricted, and silenced by China, at the expense of her human rights and her health. More

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